Dave Leno
play by play announcer, Host, Speaker and MC

Currently broadcasting Major League Soccer, National Lacross League, College Football and Basketball, US Open Tennis and World Team Tennis.

While I'm sad volleyball had to come to an end, I'm excited for the start of IU softball. Michelle Gardner has a revamped squad for the 2010 season and they are playing some big guns from out West this year. This will be my second year with the team. I really enjoy calling softball because it's a fast-paced version of baseball. When broadcasting baseball,  the announcer has to fill a lot of "dead-air." Because of this challenge, baseball is considered one of the toughest sports to call. You need to know so much info. not just about your team but the entire league.

In softball, it's important to understand what's going on around the conference. But, you don't need to ramble on. The pitchers don't take a minute to throw, nor are there frequent mound visits. It's run-and-gun. And being the high-octane announcer that I am, the sport suits me very well.

The season begins the first week in Feb. with a trip to Arizona. Followed by road swings in Florida, Cali and Georgia. I can't forget the visit to Oklahoma, too.

Some think this schedule is a hassle. I say it's a broadcaster's dream!